High quality commodities, reliable prices, meaningful support

Having initially traded various commodities, co-founders Reon Barnard and Walter Murray established BCR Holdings as a consulting and advisory business focused on the mining sector, offering their services to large mining companies.

About BCR Holdings

BCR Holdings discovers, acquires and mines quality natural resources across southern and central Africa through efficient and responsible mining practises.

Having successfully mined chrome ore since 2011, we have multi-layered expertise in the mining sector which we can readily apply to other minerals.

We handhold businesses in the mining industry to get them off the ground. If you have mining rights and need support to realise your untapped potential, we can help.

BCR embraces transformation and the Mining Charter. BCR Holdings is a diversified mining company operating in southern and central Africa.

Our roots are deep, our standards are high. Quality, reliability and integrity drive everything we do. We deliver on time and on budget, with zero compromise when it comes to the safety of our people.


We relentlessly pursue innovation in all aspects of our operations and celebrate BCR’s knowledge capital. Although operating globally, BCR carefully considers the way we do business in each locale. Ethical business dealings are as important to us as our business objectives and profitability.

Our Partners


BCR actively works to boost local community projects, support small businesses and create new enterprises in it’s supplier base. A small selection of the many success stories demonstrating BCR’s commitment to community are outlined here.